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Mr. Taxi Chapter 3
It was a sunny Saturday morning; exactly one week and one day after Chanyeol and Baekhyun’s one night stand.
The two men had originally planned a Saturday full of shopping after spending time looking through stores the weekend before, but ended up having to cancel their plans. It had turned out that Chanyeol was working during that day from around eight to five unlike his usual schedule that usually lasted from around seven at night to five in the morning.
“Sorry, maybe we can go in two weeks?” Chanyeol had told Baekhyun when he called him on Wednesday night, right before his shift had started.
“Maybe,” Baekhyun had replied, biting his lip as he looked at the calendar that hung on the wall of his kitchen while holding the phone up to his ear, “I might have to do something for work that day.”
Looking through his schedule after hanging up the phone with Chanyeol, Baekhyun learned that he indeed had something to do that day. The principal of the s
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Mr. Taxi Chapter 2 :iconbleachfan1004:Bleachfan1004 0 0
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Vampires Rising Chapter 7 :iconbleachfan1004:Bleachfan1004 3 3
Mr. Taxi Chapter 1
The sun was barely drifting into the room when Chanyeol woke up in an unfamiliar place. Turning so he was laying on his back on the bed, instead of his side like previously, the tall man rubbed his eyes before glancing around at his surroundings.
The walls of the room were painted a dark purple, something Chanyeol had to admit he liked. Hanging on those same walls were several posters of what appeared to be girl groups. There were two windows on the side of the room that sat next to each other in the center of the wall. The floor was made out of a light colored brown wood which matched perfectly with the walls.
Chanyeol himself was laying on a bed that, for some reason, was pushed right up to the wall. Next to the said object was small nightstand where a clock and lamp laid. Also in the room was a closet, a dresser, and a desk that had a laptop and several papers on it.
Sitting up, Chanyeol groaned as the sheets fell off his chest, revealing the upper half of his naked body. That's whe
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Vampires Rising Chapter 6 :iconbleachfan1004:Bleachfan1004 3 3
Vampires Rising Chapter 5
It was almost the day that Luhan would finally do it. It was almost the day he would reveal his identity to Sehun.
The thought of Sehun not knowing his true self haunted him for a while. He felt bad that he was keeping such a big secret. But Luhan was also worried about his friend’s reaction after he told him the truth. What would he think of him?
After worrying about it for half a week, Luhan decided to tell Sehun on the only day they would have off for a while, Saturday. He would go right up to him and say it. That’s exactly what Luhan had told himself. But now that it was Friday, the Chinese man wasn’t sure if he could do it.
The night before, it seemed as though Sehun had been doing everything he could to emphasize the fact that he trusted Luhan completely and that he knew that his older friend would never keep secrets or lie to him.
First, the two had been watching a movie together in the living room along with Joon Myun, Yixing, and Minseok. The movie was a roma
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Mature content
Mr. Taxi Prologue :iconbleachfan1004:Bleachfan1004 6 5
Vampires Rising Chapter 4
Yixing woke up to Joon Myun’s soft snoring. Glancing across the room, he saw the other man tucked neatly under the blankets of his bed, his mouth wide open as he slept.
The Chinese man smiled. Why did he have to fall for someone just so plain adorable?
Sitting up with the little strength he possessed during the early hours in the morning, he glanced at his clock to find out that it was already six. He got up right on time.
Pulling the covers off of his body, Yixing slid off of his bed. Not bothering to make it, as he figured that he “Would make it a mess again later”, Yixing quietly exited the room, in fear of waking up Joon Myun.
Looking around the hallway, he saw he was alone before smiling and making his way towards the bathroom. Every morning, Yixing would get his bathroom things done first before getting changed and going down to help Kyungsoo make breakfast.
It was a time Yixing enjoyed as it was almost a hobby to cook.
After quickly getting ready into a pair of
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Vampires Rising Chapter 3
It was past midnight. The EXO dorm was quiet, almost too quiet. In the leader and maknae’s room, Tao and Kris laid side by side, staring at each other in the darkness. Not that it was dark to Tao, as being a vampire made him able to see perfectly.
The two were holding each other’s hands underneath the covers, for reasons even they did not know. Tao and Kris didn’t speak as they studied each other’s facial features carefully.
Kris had to admit the panda had nice eyes. They might seem regular to any other, but to Kris, they were perfection. The leader quietly raised his free hand and traced it around the maknae’s eyes.
“They’re beautiful. You’re, eyes, I mean.”
“Th-Thank you duizhang.”
Kris smiled brightly. It wasn’t every day that something like this would happen. The two being so close and touching the other’s face, gently; enjoying the other’s beauty.
“Tao, I was wondering, if you’d maybe
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Vampires Rising Chapter 2 :iconbleachfan1004:Bleachfan1004 5 2
Mature content
Vampires Rising Chapter 1 :iconbleachfan1004:Bleachfan1004 7 3
Mature content
I Don't Care Chapter 2 :iconbleachfan1004:Bleachfan1004 2 0
I Don't Care Chapter 1
Tao sighed as he searched for the broom in the small closet of the shop he was employed at. Once again, a customer had knocked over one of the glass items on display in the middle of the shop. It had been a baker from down the street who was known as Lay. Lay had been pushed roughly by another man, who had already left the shop, and fallen into a small glass angel that had been carved by the other employee, Xiumin.
Their boss, of course, heard the loud crash and came out of his private room to investigate. Xiumin had explained the situation to Suho and then quickly dismissed himself in case Suho finally snapped. Suho, you see, was a very calm and kind man. Although people often broke the shop's products and supplies, Suho would just leave them off with a warning. Tao and Xiumin, as well as some other people in the village, believed that one day Suho would just snap and start getting angry for once.
As always, however, Suho had just kept his bright smile and listened to the customer's a
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High School Romance Chapter 2
When I got to Jiyong's house we took our shoes off by the door and went up to his room. Once we entered his room I began to observe my surroundings. The wall was painted some kind of dark purple. The room was neat and organized containing a desk with a computer on it, a dresser with a box on top of it, a bed with light, almost neon, green bed sheets and a small bookshelf. It also had a closet.
"Nice room, right?" asked Jiyong as he motioned for me to take a seat on his bed while he sat on his desk chair. I nodded and took a seat.
"Sorry about before. I didn't know she'd show up. Although, she seems to find me almost wherever I go," he explained. I nodded and tilted my head to one side.
"Who is she and what's wrong with her?" I asked.
He sighed and replied. "Her name is Nakamura Yumi. She's goes to our school, she's a grade below us. She always bothers me and asks me to go places with her."
I giggled. Jiyong gave me a confused look. I giggled once again.
"It's just a little crush!"
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Visitor Chapter 5
~Taemin POV~
It didn't take along for the weekend to end and for Monday to once again come. The night before, I had been excited to go back to school again and see my friends, but my feelings have drastically changed since then. Just by the feeling I had gotten in the morning, I knew this day was not going to be one of my best days.
When I had woken up, I had a very bad feeling in my stomach. I didn't feel as if I had to gag or even throw up, but there was some sort of painful feeling in there. Despite my stomach, I had reluctlantly gotten ready for school as usual and eventually walked to Minho's house to wait for him.
Suprisingly, Minho was actually waiting for me. It was very unusual. On a normal day, I'd have to wait for a while before loosing my patience and running in his house to help him get ready so we wouldn't be late.
"You're early," I commented as he slung his backpack over his shoulder and we began our journey down the sidewalk. Minho nodded, seemi
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Visitor Chapter 4
~Jonghyun POV~
Eventually, Onew and I stopped holding hands but I could see him blushing the entire way to the Principals office. On the way there I learned some things about him. For instance, I now know that he is older then me, as suspected, and that he loves chicken.
"Maybe I can take you out to eat for chicken sometime," I had suggested, causing him to grow bright red.
It didn't take long to reach the principal's at all. As soon as I walked in and talked to the secratary, she handed me my schedule and then dismissed me with a wave of her hand. I found it rude, causing me to rolled my eyes.
On the way to my first class, which was the same as Onew's, he stole my paper and I watched as a huge grin grew on his face.
"What is it?" I asked.
Onew looked up from the sheet and handed it back to me. "We have the same schedule!" he said cheerfully. I smiled at him. He seemed pretty cute.
The morning went by fast. Soon Onew and I, who were in our 3rd Year wa
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